Moving into the Future

One of the most rewarding parts of my job is meeting you, the Hobart and William Smith alumni and alumnae. In the past year, I've met hundreds of proud graduates of HWS. I've heard your life stories and your visions for the future. I've shared with you our planning effort to advance the Colleges, an initiative we've called HWS 2005.

Throughout these meetings, I've been struck by the sheer diversity of your life choices and the breadth of your achievements. From corporate executives to Vista volunteers, preachers to teachers, doctors to lawyers, alums who work at home and alums who are enjoying retirement, each of you has used your HWS liberal arts education to create an interesting life. Your lives are full of success and family, adventure and travel, service and philanthropy. Many of you have then returned to the Colleges to share your experiences and resources. It's you, ultimately, who make the Colleges thrive.

With your support, it was an eventful fall here on campus both for academics and athletics. The transition from trimesters to semesters has gone smoothly, with faculty, students, and staff adjusting to a new schedule.

Continuing an eight-year trend of steady improvement, our football team broke 12 school records and placed number two in the NCAA East Region. The [William Smith] field hockey team won the NCAA Division III Championship and Amy Young '03 ran right onto the All-America Cross County Team, the first William Smith harrier to ever qualify.

We also suffered tremendous tragedy with the loss of three first-year students who died in two separate car accidents. We mourn the loss of Emily E. Collins '04, Rachel H. Nargiso '04, and William H. Everett III '04, all bright and talented students who contributed a great deal in their all-too-brief time on our campus.

We go into the spring semester reflective of our losses and enthusiastic about the future. In particular, the HWS 2005 initiative is gaining momentum. This spring, I will take the recommendations of the eight study groups and prepare an agenda for implementation. I encourage you to participate by providing your input. Summaries of the findings can be found on the web at /administration/hws2005.asp.

What I hear from all of you, no matter your current career, geographic location, or age, is that HWS is a magical place. I suppose that's why so many of you encourage your children, grandchildren, and friends to attend HWS.

This edition of The Pulteney St. Survey includes an article on legacy families whose members, since Hobart College was founded, have come here to Geneva to catch some of this HWS magic, each with their own outcomes. There's also a story on HWS' theatre program, an important component to our liberal arts education and one that develops the kind of critical thinking for which our students are known.

To those of you I've had the pleasure of meeting, thank you for sharing your stories with me. I look forward to the opportunity to meet more of you over time as we join together to make HWS an even better arena through which young men and women are transformed and prepared for exciting and fulfilling lives.

Mark D. Gearan

Mark D. Gearan



Moving into the Future

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