The 700th Win

Just before publishing this issue, the Hobart lacrosse team achieved its 700th victory, a milestone held by only two other teams – Syracuse and Johns Hopkins. It was a marvelous moment for all. Making the whoops of joy and congratulatory claps on the back possible were the 699 other wins that led to this moment, most of them made by athletes who have long-since graduated from the Col­leges. As we celebrate, I am reminded that each success we attain – whether in sports or academics, in the construction of facilities or the evolution of the curriculum – is fueled by the achievements and enduring interest of those who have gone before us.

For every student who pulls an all-nighter to finish a paper, who braves Seneca Lake in February for sailing practice, who spends a week mucking out homes ravaged by Hurricane Katrina, who travels around the globe to study, who interns in New York City or performs research in the lab of a Nobel laureate, there is an alum, friend or parent supporting the Colleges.

It is this collaboration between students and their benefactors that has allowed Hobart and William Smith to realize successive, cumulative accomplishments.

Because of the strength of this connection, this fall the Colleges will embark on a remarkable journey – the largest campaign in Hobart and William Smith history. The campaign will:

  • Generate initiatives that will bring students and faculty together in highly indi­vidualized teaching and learning situations that have always been a hallmark of these Colleges.
  • Foster opportunities for students to learn and grow through the experience of living together in a residential community on the shores of Seneca Lake.
  • Underwrite the future of Hobart and William Smith through a well-established Annual Fund, a growing endowment and wise investment in facilities.
  • Continue to celebrate the coordinate approach to higher education that has helped define HWS graduates and differentiate the way they view their lives.

This issue of The Pulteney St. Survey outlines the tangible outcomes of the HWS 2005 strategic planning process. The next issue of the magazine will outline the specific ways in which we envision the next five years, how the campaign will enhance that vision, and how all alums, friends and parents can help.

We are grateful to our alumni and alumnae for their past support. Your commitment has allowed the Colleges to provide our students with an extraordinary education preparing them to lead in the 21st century.

All my best,

Mark D. Gearan

Mark D. Gearan



The 700th Win

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