Orientation 2009 - WILLIAM SMITH Matriculation

Kate MacKinnon '77
William Smith Alumnae Association President
August 30, 2009


Good evening and welcome to William Smith!

What an honor it is for me to be here to welcome you on behalf of the Alumnae Association to the William Smith family - a network of more than 9000 alumnae across the United States and around the world.

It's an honor to be the voice of all of our Remarkable Women of William Smith ... you, me, all students current and past (and future) ... each remarkable in our own way ... ranging from renowned cancer researchers and scientists to cancer survivors; from marathon runners and triathletes to runners of businesses; from Board members to professional-wakeboarders; from soccer coaches to soccer moms, we are CEO's, Executive Editors, Philanthropists, Doctors, Soldiers, Dancers, Lawyers, Teachers, Professors, Bankers, Filmmakers, Explorers, Life Style coaches, housewives.

As you walk about campus you see our names on signs and placques - The Allison Morrow Classroom in Stern Hall, The Lauren Bessette Asian Studies Lab, the stunning Katherine Elliott Studio Arts Center and virtually all of the spaces in the Centennial Center for Leadership.

We are mothers, daughters, sisters, grandmothers, great-grandmothers. We are BFFs (best friends, forever). Wherever we are, whatever we are doing, we are in the world making a contribution, being of service and making a difference. Smart, saavy, powerful, bold, strong, vulnerable, compassionate, generous, thoughtful, intuitive, creative, spiritual, adventurous, loving women.

Over the next 4 years (and beyond) I have no doubt you all will discover and develop your own distinct expression of being a Remarkable William Smith woman.

So in the spirit of William Smith, our founder, and being a William Smith woman, I invite you to take on new challenges, push the envelope, step out of your comfort zone, see everything as a learning experience, including 'mistakes", and an opportunity to explore, stretch, overcome and excel.

You are part of a very special group of women.

Welcome to William Smith.


Remarks made by Kate MacKinnon '77, during the Matriculation dinner for the Classes of 2013.



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