Graphic Standards Manual

The Graphics Standards Manual provides a framework to ensure consistent use of the Colleges’ logo, crests, seals and other marks in print and electronic media including on stationary, business cards, advertising, signage, websites, social media and other items.

The guidelines contained within are approved by the Colleges in an effort to provide consistency and name recognition of Hobart and William Smith Colleges.


  • The Hobart and William Smith Colleges logo consists of the two College shields displayed together, side by side, with the name of the Colleges beneath.
  • The official seals of Hobart College and William Smith College are not a part of the logo system and cannot be interchanged with the HWS logo. The seals should be used only on formal and official institutional documents, such as diplomas and proclamations, and may only be used with the permission of the Vice President for Marketing and Communications.
  • The symbols of the logo system cannot be modified or altered in any way.
  • Logos must be reproduced in official colors.
  • All academic, administrative, and support units of the Colleges are required to use the approved stationery. This includes letterhead, envelopes, note pads, business cards, mailing labels. Other stationery items must also conform to these logo guidelines.
  • This logo system is required for all visual representations of the Colleges—signs, promotional materials, video productions, exhibit materials, vehicles, and the like, in addition to printed publications, social networking and Web sites.
  • Exceptions to these policies, guidelines, and standards must be approved in advance by the Vice President for Marketing and Communications.
  • These policies, standards, and guidelines may be revised as deemed necessary.
  • Agencies external to the Colleges may not use any of the Colleges’ symbols or logos for any purpose without the permission of the Office of Communications.

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