Graphic Standards Manual


The Hobart and William Smith seals are reserved for use only by the Board of Trustees, Office of the President, and at the discretion of the Office of Marketing and Communications for use on official Colleges materials and for formal, ceremonial events.

Examples of documents requiring the formal dignity of the seal include diplomas, medallions, awards, and honorary certificates. The seals are NOT to be used as the Colleges logo and not to be used on stationery, signage, vehicles, banners and promotional items (pens, napkins, mugs, etc.)

Permission for use of the seals can be obtained from the Vice President for Marketing and Communications at (315) 781-3540.

The seals may not be altered or reconfigured in any way and should never be compressed or extended horizontally or vertically.

When used in color, the seals should be displayed in the ways described at right.

Hobart and William Smith Seals should be displayed in this manner. Both seals should be displayed together, side by side with the Hobart seal on left and William Smith seal on the right.



In special instances, each College’s seal may be used individually for official materials and events in conjunction with each respective Dean’s Offices and the Alumni Association and Alumnae Association.

Individual seals may also be used in color as shown above.

single seal


Catherine J. Williams
Vice President for Marketing and Communications
Hobart and William Smith Colleges
300 Pulteney Street
Geneva, NY 14456
(315) 781-3540


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