Graphic Standards Manual



The Colleges’ logo represents the primary mark of the Hobart and William Smith brand. It presents the Colleges’ image to internal and external audiences and provides distinction from other institutions of higher learning. The only acceptable logo mark is displayed at right. It may not be altered in any way and should never be compressed or extended horizontally or vertically. It is intended to be used as shown.


The Colleges’ logo should be displayed according to these specifications. No other mark or logo should be placed in direct relationship with the primary mark unless specified elsewhere in this manual.

Crests and Colleges name:

  • Hobart Shield and William Smith Shield can only be displayed in this fashion.
  • Hobart on left and William Smith on right.
  • Shields are always of equal size.
  • Shields should not be enlarged or reduced.
  • Word mark is Goudy Old Style. All caps. No bold.
  • Type displayed on two lines with Colleges on Line 2.
Logo colors

Font: Goudy Old Style, Roman. (No Bold*)

Case: All Caps

Ampersand: Ampersand is NOT permitted and the word AND is spelled out in all instances.

Word AND: The word AND is slightly smaller (.825% the point size of rest of text) (i.e. if text is 20 pt., the
word AND is .825 x 20 = 16.5 pt.)

Alignment: Centered

Leading: 2 points leading between lines

Lines of type: Stacked in this manner – two lines of type with
the word Colleges always appearing on line 2.

* The logo is generally not bolded unless the design or material necessitates for readability. (for example when printing on fabric or vinyl)


Other configurations of the Colleges’ logo may be required due to space constraints. In the case of space constraints the logo mark may be represented in any of these fashions. Same guidelines apply as stated previously.

1. Square or vertical space
2. Linear / Horizontal space
3. Reverse type against a dark background


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