Graphic Standards Manual


The official colors of Hobart and William Smith Colleges are purple and green.

The official colors for Hobart College are purple and orange.

The official colors for William Smith College are green and white.

Spot conversions to process are permitted when running full color print jobs.

Hobart Purple
SPOT COLOR = PMS 2607 (Coated and Uncoated)
CMYK = C-80; M-100; Y-0; K-10
R-79, G-16, B-122
WEB # 472663

William Smith Green
SPOT = PMS 349 (Coated and Uncoated)
CMYK = C-96, M-33, Y-100, K-25
R-0, G-105, B-62
WEB # 00593d

Hobart Orange
PMS 165 (Coated and Uncoated)
C-0, M-75, Y-99, K-0
R-255, G-100, B-24
WEB # ff6418

PMS = Pantone Color


A secondary color palette has been developed to complement the official HWS colors. These accent colors should be used in addition to the official colors and do not replace them.

Spot conversions to process are permitted when running full color print jobs.

PMS = Pantone Color


It is acceptable to use the logo in black and white.

black and white logo

This secondary black and white version may be necessary to use for embroidered and embossed items.

black and white logo

It is acceptable to reverse the logo (white against a solid background).

black and white logo


Catherine J. Williams
Vice President for Marketing and Communications
Hobart and William Smith Colleges
300 Pulteney Street
Geneva, NY 14456
(315) 781-3540


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