The following is a proposed academic calendar for the fall of 2020. It is designed to reduce travel of students to and from campus, reflecting as closely as possible the original schedule for the fall. Most notable about this plan is the absence of a scheduled fall break, allowing for continuous instruction from Monday, August 24 to Tuesday, November 24. The final three days of instruction will occur after Thanksgiving, from Monday-Wednesday, November 30-December 2. Note that these three final days will reflect a Wednesday/Thursday/Friday class meeting schedule. These last instructional days will be followed by Reading Days (two weekdays and a weekend) and Final Exams during the week of December 7-11.

Fall Semester Spring Semester

The Fall Semester has been modified to respond to health concerns related to COVID-19. Tentative dates are below.

August 20, 2020
New student orientation begins

August 24
First day of classes

August 28
Last day to drop/add courses

October 26-30
Spring Sem. '21 Advising Week

November 2-13
Spring Sem. '21 Registration

November 24
Last day of in-person classes on campus

November 25-29
Thanksgiving holiday

November 30-December 2
Instruction resumes online (W/Th/F class schedule)

December 3-6
Reading Days

December 7-11
Final examinations online

December 15
Grades due to Registrar

January 17, 2021
Campus residences open

January 19
First day of classes

January 25
Last day to drop/add courses

March 12
Last day of classes before break

March 13-21
Spring break

March 22
First day of classes after break

March 29-April 2
Fall Sem. '21 Advising Week

April 5-14
Fall Sem. '21 Registration

April 23
Charter Day

April 30
Moving Up Day

May 3
Last day of classes

May 4-6
Reading Days

May 7-10
Final examinations

May 11
Last day for senior grades

May 11
Residences close at noon

May 16

May 17
Senior residences close

June 4-6



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