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IT Services Self-Help Tutorials

Most of the tutorials listed below are printable. Videos should open in a new tab or window.

IT Services also subscribes to Atomic Learning (Hoonuit), a Web-based library of video tutorials on software including Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, etc.), Adobe Creative Suite (including Photoshop and InDesign), iMovie and more. Faculty, students and staff may access this resource by using their HWS credentials at this link:

IT Services provides user support of DataCamp. Datacamp contains videos specific to learning R, Python, SQL and other data analysis related software. It is free to use, but if additional access is desired you may contact the Digital Learning Team for further information.


Baseline Survey Tool

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Creating and Sending a Survey

Survey Tips

Campus Labs Resources

Canvas (a.k.a. The Dock)

Course Evaluations Using Evaluation Kit


Emergency Notification

FTP Software to Transfer Files to

Large File Transfer

Microsoft Office Online Training from Microsoft

Microsoft Office Version File Compatibility

Verifying the Office Version Installed

Installing the Compatibility Pack

Related links

Saving to the Previous Version

Microsoft Office

Downloading Microsoft Office 365

Creating Mailing Labels by Mail Merge

Multi-Function Device (MFD) a.k.a. Xerox copier/scanner/printer

General Help Guides

Installing Xerox Printers and Drivers

Network Connections

Connecting to the Local Area Network

Mapping Network Drives (M, N, and I)

Creating Shortcuts to Network Drives

Password Management

PDF Tips

Poster Production

Getting Started

Note: The poster templates below are 4 feet wide by 3 feet tall.

Templates for InDesign (Mac and PC) - for Adobe CS5.5 users

Templates for InDesign (Mac and PC) - for Adobe CS5 users

Templates for Powerpoint (Mac and PC)

Templates for Publisher (PC only)

Non-Scientific Project Templates for Powerpoint (Mac and PC)

Print Services Online Ordering

Remote Access

HWS Virtual Private Network Configuration and Setup


Scanning for Viruses

Installing Security and Software Updates

Smart Classrooms


Web Videoconferencing

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Wireless Access

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Connecting to HWSWireless

Connecting to HWS Guest Wireless on Campus


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