Organizational Structure

IT Services is a multi-disciplinary team with expertise in technology, education, operations management, business, and project management. We collaborate with all constituents of the Colleges in finding solutions and services that make the best use of technology and maximize our resources. The information technology field is in a constant state of rapid change, and IT Services is committed to continuous improvement and delivering best in class technology solutions and services to the Colleges. IT Services is organized around the concept of a high performance team model, where teams are assembled and organized to align with changing priorities, projects, and initiatives. Our goal is to work with each other and the constituents we serve, within the framework of a fundamental set of guiding principles.

Operations and Technical Support

The Operations and Technical Support team is a multi-faceted group comprised of the Support Center, Print Services, and the Post Office. The Help Desk and Desk Side Support serve as the primary customer focal point for service requests. The Classroom and Event Support staff provides technical expertise for special events that depend on video and audio technology. Members of the HWS community can phone in requests, e-mail them, or place them in person at the Help Desk located in the Rosensweig Learning Commons on the first floor of the Library.

Print Services provides services comparable to a commercial printing service, with options such as high-speed black and white or color digital printing and copying, printing of large-format posters and banners, laminating, foam core mounting with laminate, binding, folding, cutting, and more. Print Services stocks the Colleges' standard letterhead and envelopes, and supplies paper and cardstock in a variety of colors. Print Services processes all bulk mailings, ships UPS packages, and receives UPS, FedEx, DHL, and Airborne packages. The Post Office is a certified US Postal Facility responsible for the sorting and distribution of all faculty, staff, administration and student mail and intra-campus mail.

Digital Learning Team

The goal of the Digital Learning team is to foster technology integration in the curriculum while supporting the exploration of emerging learning technologies. The Digital Learning team focuses on:

  • Consultancy. We occupy the Digital Learning Center: a staff collaborative and consultancy space to meet with faculty and students regarding curricular initiatives, course-related support, instructional design, and the exploration of emerging learning technologies for teaching and learning purposes.
  • Office Hours. Digital Learning Consultants hold regular office hours and expanded support hours for common platforms such as Canvas and Baseline. We also provide instructional design and multimedia support.
  • Tech Fellow Support. IT Services also provides software "Tech Fellows" at the Help Desk. These focus upon some of the more frequently identified software applications that many faculty and students use in their course related projects, such as iMovie, Garageband, and blogging.
  • Personalized Support. We encourage 1:1 appointments with a Digital Learning Consultant to discuss and explore your digital learning needs. You can reach the Digital Learning team at or ext. 4420.
Network and Systems Infrastructure

The Network and Systems Infrastructure team delivers core technology infrastructure services to the Colleges. It delivers high-performance data, telecommunications and system services. This team provides assistance in designing, building, securing, documenting, and maintaining the Colleges' overall technology infrastructure. Team members manage campus connectivity by overseeing networks comprising 9,700 data ports, 2,500 telephone ports, and 950 wireless access points. The team is responsible for the Colleges' server facility that contains central computing systems and manages equipment located in over 100 buildings. They manage 180 servers and 90 applications that deliver data storage, e-mail, academic applications, databases, administrative systems, and web sites that support the ability for the HWS community to connect, collaborate, and learn.

Solutions Development

The Solutions Development team focuses on finding new, better, and more effective ways to integrate technology and software applications to support the operations of the Colleges. Team members work with constituents from departments, programs, and operations across the institution to determine the best strategies and approaches for managing our information-related assets. The Solutions Development team is comprised of staff with experience in systems analysis and design, software engineering, technical content development, software quality assurance, web architecture, database design, decision support and reporting, systems integration, application architecture, and project management. They provide technical guidance and support to all offices on campus that depend on the broad portfolio of purchased and custom-built applications systems that process the transactions that occur across the institution on a daily basis. These systems include PeopleSoft, PowerFaids, Raiser's Edge, R25, Odyssey Housing Management, and the HWS web site.

Program Management Office

The Program Management Office team is responsible for the business and financial management operations of IT Services. The Program Management Office oversees annual budget development and distribution, vendor management, contract management, project management, and RFP processes. Acting as a single point of contact for the HWS community, the Program Management Office coordinates the overall procurement of campus technology goods and services. The staff also manages the campus-wide computer refresh program and facilitates the planning of IT Services participation in major campus events. The goal of the Program Management Office is to incorporate best business practices to provide consistent cost savings while offering the best products and services available.

  • Shared Vision – we succeed through achievement of common goals and working together to help all the constituents we serve to be successful
  • Results Oriented – we are measured by the outcomes of our work
  • Self-directed – staff are empowered to make decisions in alignment with the goals of HWS and IT Services
  • Mutual Accountability – we are accountable to each other and the constituents we serve
  • Intense Collaboration – we leverage the breadth of skill and resources to their maximum potential
  • Strong Communications – we strive to communicate consistently, completely, and clearly

At a high level, the IT Services staff is organized into five primary areas of expertise, with intense integration and collaboration across all areas. Move your mouse over the graphic at right to read more about each area.


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