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Spanish Writing Workshop SPAN 260

This course was funded through a grant for the NY6 Teagle Blended Learning Project. For more information about this project, navigate to the NY6 web site.

Spanish Writing Workshop


  • Alvaro Llosa Sanz, Assistant Professor, Spanish and Hispanic Studies
  • Monica Poza Dieguez, Assistant Visiting Professor, Spanish and Hispanic Studies
  • Juliet Boisselle, Director, Digital Learning Center, IT Services
  • Deborah Rasmussen, Digital Learning Consultant, IT Services
  • Ruth Shields, Assistant Director, Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Teaching Fellows/Writing Colleagues: Dollian Garo, Natalia Hernandez, Chastity Hidalgo, Emma McDowell, MaryClaire Pelletier

Goals and Objectives:

  • Develop and practice a blended learning set of tools and activities for an Advanced Spanish language and culture course
  • Improve students’ Spanish writing skills on a variety of Hispanic culture materials, including articles, videos, and real events

Virtual Classroom Toolkit:

  • Canvas Discussion Forums
  • Peer review using Google Docs
  • Blog discussions using Wordpress
  • Collective commenting via Twitter social network
  • Virtual group meetings and virtual office hours with Teaching Fellows through Canvas Big Blue Button web conference platform and Skype
  • Guest talks using Google Plus
  • Collaborative bookmarking using Diigo
  • Final website creation using Weebly
Google Plus site

Student Feedback (surveyed):

"As a class, we used digital technology extensively throughout the semester. The technology helped us collaborate on projects outside of class time and it also taught us how to use certain tools so we can potentially use these tools outside of class."


  • The majority of students positively changed their mind about the role of technology when it comes to being integrated into a foreign language class
  • Add new activities and digital tools in an orderly and timely manner. Trying many new activities at once or all together in a short period of time can be frustrating and exhausting for all
  • Students love the traditional and face-to-face approach to grammar learning but valued the virtual sessions and activities and felt more skilled after finishing the course
  • 70% of the students thought the collaborative writing tools enhanced their writing skills
  • Using a social network or forum for weekly student feedback on learning activities is highly recommended

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