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iAnatomy: A Virtual Anatomy Class Using eBook Case Studies


Course Integrated:

  • Biology 324: Anatomy


  • James Ryan, Professor of Biology
  • Jeremy T. Cushman, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, University of Rochester
  • Rob Beutner, Digital Learning Consultant, IT Services
  • Taryn White '13, Technology Fellow

Goals and Objectives:

  • Bring undergraduate anatomy education in line with medical school curriculum
  • Increase learning via interactive, case studies in anatomy where students must solve complex problems
  • Increase critical thinking by having anatomy students take more control over their own learning
  • Assess the status of multi-purpose tablet technology for curricular use in anatomy

Digital Toolkit:

Digital Learning Team Role:

"Phase two of the iAnatomy project would not have been possible without the support from the Mellon Digital Pedagogies grant and the staff of the Digital Learning Commons.

In particular, Rob Beutner played a critical role in setting up the iPads and helping organize phase one of the project.

The staff of the Digital Learning Commons play a critical role in supporting innovative teaching for HWS faculty."
—Jim Ryan

  • Consult with faculty and help define technology needs related to learning goals
  • Research related applications to meet needs defined and then test them
  • Outline processes and best practices for integrating the iPad within the course and establishing a student workflow
  • Assist in purchasing and then configuration of iPad devices for use in a classroom environment
  • Provide overview for students on iPad navigation and utilization of apps to facilitate digital lab reports

Student Feedback:

  • 95% of students agreed "I accomplished more in class because of iPads"
  • 90% of students agreed "I developed better critical thinking skills because of iPads"
  • 81% of students agreed "The iPad was directly beneficial to learning material"

Related Resources:

As a contribution back to the HWS learning community, in step with the goals of the larger innovative digital pedagogies initaitive, Prof. Jim Ryan created a series of brief tutorials to introduce faculty and students to digital authorship using iBooks Author.

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