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Scientists Communicating Science to the Public

ocean trash

Courses Integrated:

  • Geoscience 299: Carbonates Ancient and Modern – The Bahamas
  • Geoscience 230: Earth History


  • Nan Crystal Arens, Associate Professor of Geoscience
  • Jennifer Webb, Digital Learning Consultant
  • Doug Reilly, Center for Global Education Program Coordinator
  • Adam Maurer, Finger Lakes Institute Sustainability Manager
  • Diana Boyer, Assistant Professor of Geology SUNY Oswego

Goals and Objectives:

  • Challenging students to distill their knowledge on a scientific issue and communicate that knowledge to the general public through film.
  • To use dry erase whiteboard animation to visually enrich the course material and classroom experience

Digital Toolkit:

  • iMovie
  • Whiteboard
  • DSLR Camera & Tripod

Digital Learning Team Role:

  • Consult with faculty member to identify technology needs and process related to learning goals
  • Work with students in both Geoscience 230 & Geoscience 299 on iMovie and stop-motion animation techniques

Student Feedback:

  • Surveys administered to students in participating courses.

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