Mail Information for Students

Mailbox and Mail Format

The mailbox assigned to you may change in your Junior or Senior year.

As soon as you are aware of your new address, you should notify anyone wishing to send you items that your address and mailbox number has changed.

*Your mailbox number should appear on all your incoming mail and packages like this:

Your Name
XXXX Scandling Center
Geneva, NY 14456

*(DO NOT use P.O. Box as your box number)

Package Pick up Process

Picking up a package? You will need:

  1. Photo ID Required
    Can be either a College Photo ID or Driver’s License
  2. Package Location
    Post Office (1st floor Scandling Center)
  3. Package Reference Code
    C, LS, M, S, T, W or X

If you need another student to pick up a package for you, you must send an e-mail to the Post Office giving your permission, and include the name of the person picking up your package.

Letters, magazines, newspapers will be placed in your student mailbox.

For questions related to Post Office services, contact the Post Office: or ext. 3504.


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