Mail Information for Parents

Tips for Mailing to a Student

  • Students are assigned a mailbox that may stay the same throughout their time at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. (Juniors and/or Senior mailbox numbers are subject to change)
  • Using the correct address will ensure a timely delivery of all mail and packages for your student.
  • Mailing to the correct address is very important particularly during the beginning of each semester and around holidays.
  • Please mail early to allow enough time for your package to make its way through the US Postal Service.
  • Always provide a return address on your mail or package and mark appropriately for perishable or fragile items.
  • If you are ordering something online for a student and are using a credit card that bears your name, please be sure that the student's name and mailbox number appear on the package.
  • Students are notified by e-mail when packages arrive for them.
  • Please never send cash through the mail; it is safer to send a personal check or money order.

For questions related to Post Office services, contact the Post Office: or ext. 3504.

Please Note:

Always use student’s *mailbox number on all mail and packages.

The mailing address for student mail is:

XXXX Scandling Center
Geneva, NY 14456

*(DO NOT use P.O. Box as your box number)


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