Getting Started: Tips for Incoming Students

Your HWS username and password credentials will provide access to HWS e-mail, Canvas Learning Management System, Library Catalogs, PeopleSoft, Personal Network File Storage, Secure Remote Access (VPN), Wireless Network, and many more services.

Network Access

HWS-Private – Wireless network for students, faculty, and staff. HWS credentials required to access this wireless network.

HWS-Public – Wireless network for guests and visitors.

Ethernet – Students can always use Ethernet by connecting their devices to a port in the wall.

How to Connect Android Devices

More information about the network

Useful links


Register your account: go to, click Edit My Account Info, set up challenge questions, verify your contact information, add a recovery e-mail address and phone number for resetting your password.

Canvas Canvas is a web-based learning management system that may be used by students, faculty and staff to facilitate file sharing, digital assignment distribution and submission, communication, collaborative writing, and more.

Canvas resources for students

MS Office 365 As a student, you have free access to MS Office 365.

Web Printing

PeopleSoft The HWS PeopleSoft programs (Campus Solutions, Human Resources, Financials) are a central location for various types of information, including your class schedules, student and enrollment information, advising status, grades, transcripts and much more.


Every student has $15 of print credits that can be used for printing on campus printers.

The main printers are located in the HWS Library. Online printing is also available through PaperCut at

Poster printing and large print jobs may be ordered online through Print Services.

Connecting entertainment devices (game consoles, smart devices, virtual assistants, etc.)

To connect an entertainment device to the Colleges' Wi-Fi, select HWS-Public as your network. Entertainment devices are not permitted to use HWS-Private, only HWS-Public. After selecting HWS-Public, your device should be connected to the Internet. If the device does not connect, you may need to restart your device and reconnect to HWS-Public. If after several restarts your device does not connect, you will need to provide your device’s MAC address to the IT Help Desk. Your device’s MAC address is located on the device itself, in the device settings, or in the device documentation. The MAC address looks like a string of two-character groups, usually separated by a colon or dash, like this: MAC Address: C0-33-5E-D9-C8-D2.

Once you have located your device’s MAC address, please request device access so we can program a bypass allowing the device to connect to HWS-Public. If you are having trouble locating your devices MAC address, please call the Help Desk at 315-781-4357.


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