Technology Enhanced Course Design

Why does it matter?

New technologies are offering options for presenting and visualizing material in ways that were not possible, even 10 years ago. Along with these technologies come many questions and valid concerns. How do we embrace new methods without jumping to the latest and greatest tool just because it looks fun or cool? Time and again, students' feedback validates that they don't want to use technology in the classroom just because it's "fun". The tool must have a clear purpose and relate to the learning activities and outcomes of the course.

HWS has a strong foundation in the face to face learning experience and both students and faculty are here for that reason. So how do we use technology to enhance the face to face classroom experience? Experts in the integration of classroom technology suggest that technology can serve 3 different purposes. It can REPLACE a learning activity, it can ENHANCE an activity or it can completely TRANSFORM a learning activity. Which are you seeking? And where in the curriculum are you seeking one over another?

Best Practices for Integrating Technology in the Curriculum

If you're not sure where to begin or would like support through this process, please contact the Digital Learning Team!

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