Incubator Space: ITTS

The ITTS (Innovative Teaching and Technology Studio) serves as a permanent incubator space where faculty can explore 21st century teaching and learning strategies. Depending on the faculty goals, this may include using the technology and furnishings that are already present in the space or altering the space to accommodate a new vision for exploration. Note: this classroom can accommodate up to 25 students maximum.

A sampling of some of the equipment, functionalities and furnishings in the ITTS:

  1. Projection to multiple screens from both teaching machine and student work areas
  2. Wireless projection from mobile devices - AppleTV and Mirroring360
  3. Wireless and remote access to workstations- Splashtop software
  4. Web-conferencing equipment to connect with researchers and subject experts via Skype, Zoom, etc.
  5. Xbox gaming device
  6. Blu-ray video player
  7. Flexible furnishings - adjustable height teaching platforms, student chairs on wheels, student tables to facilitate small group work and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) production

Want to teach in the ITTS?

RFP proposals are accepted by FacIT each semester from faculty who are interested in teaching in the ITTS. In addition, faculty members may contact the Digital Learning Team to coordinate 1-1 sessions to explore the technology or furnishings within the space. For more information about the ITTS, contact Juliet Boisselle, Director of the Digital Learning Team, or the Chair of the FacIT Committee.






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