Teaching and Technology Initiatives

How do we maintain the strong attributes of a small residential liberal arts college while taking advantage of new and emerging technologies that allow faculty to teach and students to learn in different ways? How do we facilitate change and plan strategically for 21st century learning spaces?

The Digital Learning Team helps support faculty and students participating in these collaborations. Below are four initiatives in which we participated.

Communities of Practice (CoPs)

In response to faculty and staff interests, the Digital Learning Team launched and facilitated two Communities of Practice in 2017-18 that are ongoing: Flipped Learning and Open Source Statistics Software.

Innovative Classroom Initiative

Launched in 2014, this HWS initiative supported by the Board of Trustees’ Technology Committee and in collaboration with FacIT, IT Services, and the Classroom Committee, explores the impact that technologies and furnishings within classroom spaces have upon student learning and engagement. Two separate RFP processes exist for faculty interested in exploring 21st century learning spaces. Learn more about the Innovative Classrooms Initiative.

Mellon Innovative Digital Pedagogies

Three rounds of grants have been awarded through the support of The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation where faculty have explored digital pedagogies and new technologies that have the potential to enhance student learning within the context of the face-to-face learning that is at the core of our liberal arts pedagogy. Learn more about the Mellon Innovative Digital Pedagogies projects.

New York Six

Established with the support of The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the New York Six Liberal Arts Consortium facilitates collaboration among its member institutions in fulfilling their educational missions and serving the public good. Through the sharing of expertise and resources, the Consortium enhances options for students, faculty, and staff, while reducing colleges' individual and collective operating and capital costs. See more information about New York Six, and learn more information about the New York Six projects.

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