About the Innovative Classrooms Initiative

Conversations about how space impacts learning is an intentional process at HWS. These conversations have been formalized as the Innovative Classrooms Initiative, which explores the impact that technologies and furnishings within classroom spaces have upon student learning and engagement. The Innovative Classrooms Initiative has evolved to include two clearly delineated RFP processes for Faculty Exploration.

As a pilot, two classrooms (the Fisher Center and the ITTS, formerly known as the PeopleSoft Learning Center) were updated with technologies and furnishings during the summer of 2014 to explore the impact of space on teaching and learning. Lessons learned from the students and the faculty using these spaces has been instrumental in evaluating and imagining other spaces across campus. Conversations about how space impacts learning is an intentional process at HWS and these innovative classroom explorations are central to this discussion. In 2015 this initiative was refined and two distinct processes emerged--A: an Incubator Space and B: Classroom Redesign.

Submitting a Proposal

RFP proposals are accepted by FacIT each semester from interested faculty. In addition, faculty members may contact the Digital Learning Team to coordinate 1-1 sessions to explore the technology or furnishings within the ITTS. For more information about the Innovative Classrooms Initiative, contact Juliet Boisselle, Director of the Digital Learning Team, ext. 3952 or Charity Lofthouse, FacIT Chair, ext. 3407.


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