CallPilot Voice Mail to E-Mail Frequently Asked Questions

IT Services enabled the capability of converting voice messages left on the Colleges’ phone system to media files that are sent to your e-mail account. You can play these media files on devices such as computers, smartphones, and tablets. In addition, this capability gives you the opportunity to easily forward a voice mail to a coworker for collaboration or follow-up. More details, in the form of questions and answers, are below. Click on the questions to expand them and see the answers.

How do I initially subscribe to the voice mail to e-mail service?

One of the easiest ways to initially activate the service is by sending your name and telephone extension that you wish to activate to or you can call 315-781-HELP (ext. 4357).

What happens if my mail service rejects or bounces an e-mail from the HWS voice mail system?

Automatic call forwarding via e-mail is disabled when the HWS voice mail system receives a returned message. Once issues with the e-mail message delivery are corrected you will need to re-enable e-mail forwarding in My CallPilot.

Which browsers can I use to access My CallPilot?

All commonly used browsers can be used.

How long are voice messages retained in My CallPilot?

Voice messages are saved for 21 days unless they are manually deleted by the user.

Will my message indicator light turn red if I have voice message forwarding enabled?

No, the indicator light on your telephone handset will not show a red light if you are forwarding voice messages to e-mail. There is an option to have the message light turn on when you receive a voice message, but the light will not turn off if you listen to the message on your computer or smartphone.

How do I set my telephone handset to show the message light when I receive a voice message?

Drill down to the Edit Message Forwarding Rule in Call Pilot and uncheck Mark original message as read.

How do I connect to when I am off-campus?

To connect to you first need to connect to the campus network by establishing a virtual private network (VPN) conncetion. If you do not have VPN setup on your computer, instructions on how to do so are available.

How will voice message forwarding messages affect my e-mail quota?

The voice mail media files are compressed so they will not have a significant impact on your e-mail quota. A best practice would be to delete e-mails containing voice messages once you have completed listening to the message.

Can I disable and enable this feature?

Yes, you can toggle this feature on and off in My CallPilot.

Are there other features in the My CallPilot system that are valuable?

Yes, some people like the ability to view and access voice messages from their computer when logging into My CallPilot. The My CallPilot system has similar capabilities as your telephone handset so some people may appreciate using a computer to interact with the system.

Does the My CallPilot web site automatically log out users?

Yes, a My CallPilot web session automatically terminates, but it is best to log out or close your web browser when you are done.

Why does the subject of the e-mail sometimes contain a description of the caller?

Messages may contain caller information if the incoming phone number is known by the Colleges' telephone system. However, calls coming from outside the Colleges may not have a description or be indentified.

Can I forward a message to an e-mail recipient using My CallPilot?

Yes, you can log into My CallPilot, select a voice message, then select Forward to send a voice message to someone via e-mail.

Can you turn the message forwarding feature on and off from your telephone handset?

Yes, after you log into your mailbox you can press 85-1-1 to turn the feature on and press 85-1-2 to turn it off.

Can you forward the voice mail to a non-HWS e-mail account?

Yes, you can forward a voice message to a non-HWS e-mail account.

What media player do I use for an iPhone?

You can use the native media player that comes with an iPhone.

What apps are best used for an Android smartphone?

There a many apps that can be found by searching for "wav file player" in Google Play. People have reported good success with the Remote Wave Free app.

What media player do I use for an Windows smartphone?

Often, you can use the native media player that comes with a Windows phone. If not, you can use a third party service such as the one that can be found at



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