Service Catalog: IT Services Prices

IT Services Prices:

Below is a pricing guide for various IT services. A comparison of these prices to other retail prices is also available.

Service HWS Cost
Hardware/software diagnostics, questions, advice Free
Cleanup (Malware removal/updates/optimization) $100
Hard drive replacement and data backup $100
Data backup (with your own external drive) $10 for first DVD ($5/additional DVD) or $25 to your own external hard drive/other computer
Operating system reinstallation
(including data backup/restore)
Hardware installation $25+parts
Program HWS Cost
Microsoft Office 365 (Windows) *Free download
Microsoft Office 365 (Macintosh) *Free download
*Microsoft Office 365 Signup - If you do not receive any confirmation e-mail from Microsoft after signing up for Microsoft Office 365, please check in for an e-mail from and unjunk it.
Other software available at educational discount prices
e.g. Adobe Creative Suite

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