Password Change and Reset FAQs

HWS network passwords (for campus logon, Webmail, PeopleSoft, etc.) may be changed from any computer by registering at This service allows known passwords to be changed and forgotten or expired passwords to be reset if the user is registered prior to forgetting it. More details, in the form of questions and answers, are below. Click on the questions to expand them and see the answers.

What happens if I am on sabbatical when my password expires?

You will receive messages well in advance of your password expiring and are able to access from anywhere with an Internet connection. You can always call the Help Desk if you have questions at 315-781-4357.

I don't want to provide the answers to the security questions, what can I do?

You don't need to answer the questions truthfully. The only requirement is that you know what answers you provide to help you reset your password should you forget it. This system offers the security questions so that you can access the system without having to call or engage someone from the Help Desk. Of course, the Help Desk is always happy to help should you need it.

I need to update my personal information, how do I do that?

Through PeopleSoft self service you may view your address and phones, paycheck information, benefit information, and more. If changes need to be made to the information displayed, please contact Human Resources at ext. 3312. Instructions for viewing employee self service are available on the HR web site.



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