Canvas Tips

Welcome Back - Fall 2017

Highlighted feature changes since Spring 2017:

  • Copying Assignments: You can now copy an assignment! Instead of creating each assignment individually you can now copy assignments that might be repeated.
  • New File Previewer and Speed Grader: This feature replaces the current Box previewer and Crocodoc annotation tools in Canvas and provides improved performance.
  • Display Announcements on Course Home Page: You can show recent announcements as part of your Course Home Page and set the number of announcements that should be displayed.The Course Home Page only displays text and links within announcements; any images or media will not be shown.
  • Canvas Commons: A learning object repository allowing Faculty and TA's the ability to use and share course elements within Canvas. Look for the Commons on the main navigation bar.

Spring 2017 Course Sites Available

  • Canvas is updated daily at 6 a.m., 10 a.m., 2 p.m., and 6 p.m. from PeopleSoft. Additions and deletions to Canvas rosters will occur at those times. To check your official roster for any course visit the HWS PeopleSoft Web site.
  • Directions are available for copying materials from previous course sites. Remember to adjust due dates for time sensitive materials and don't forget to publish your course site to make it visible for students.
  • You can change the home page of your Canvas course site to a wiki page, the syllabus page, or course modules.
  • Use the Registrar's Office form to add student collaborators (ex. Teaching Fellows) to a credit-bearing Canvas course.
  • Not seeing courses for upcoming semesters? Look at the "View All Courses" List and star any courses you want to see in your "Courses" drop down menu.

Welcome Back – Fall 2016

Highlighted feature changes since Spring 2016:

  • Discussion Tool: If you use the discussion tool and want students to be able to attach files, please make sure that this setting is turned on.
  • Student Groups: Students will now be able to form their own Canvas groups within a course site, giving them file space and collaborative writing space. This feature may be turned off within Course Settings.
  • Course Site Dashboard: Steps to view "all courses" and customize your dashboard with the refreshed interface
  • See our resources to become familiar with the new interface

Updates on two outstanding issues from Spring 2016

  • Speedgrader Crocodoc inline comments were not appearing for all group members – Resolved
  • Using modules and timed release - Resolved for most recent app; to ensure that students will not have access to materials prior to the specified date and time, it is recommended faculty use the Draft State.

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