New Canvas User Interface

About the new Canvas User Interface (UI)

On Saturday, June 11, at 7 a.m. the new UI for Canvas will take effect. The new interface focuses on optimizing Canvas for use on all types of devices. See the following resources to become familiar with the new interface. Note: Changes to the Canvas user interface will not impact the management of course content or student interaction with the system. Core Canvas functionalities such as course building, assignment submission, and communications will remain the same.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact the Digital Learning Team at, 315-781-4420 or stop by our office hours.


new interface information

There are two major differences between the old and new Canvas Interfaces:

  • The Global Navigation Menu has moved from the top of the page (running from left to right) to the left side of the page (running from top to bottom).
  • The Canvas Dashboard now has two views. The default view shows your active courses represented as colored cards with icons showing recent activity for announcements, assignments, discussions, and files. Using the toggle at the upper right, you can change the views to the familiar recent activity stream.

Things to Know

Customizing Your Dashboard

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Where is my Course Navigation Menu?

  • If your browser isn’t maximized or your resolution is low, your Course navigation Menu may be collapsed. To display it, click the three lines in the top left corner, next to the course title.
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How do I log out?

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