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Dancer. Humanist. Choreographer. Researcher. Leader.

Major: Psychology
Minors: Dance, Sociology

Taking Center Stage

When Ananya Dance Theatre performed on campus as part of the Fisher Center series, they were a dancer short and asked me to fill in. I learned their whole dance in only four hours, and afterwards, they invited me to join them in Minneapolis for the summer. At the end of the summer, they inducted me into the company!

Academic Flexibility

Because I wasn't required to take classes in a certain order, I've taken five classes each semester, instead of the traditional four. Now, during my senior year, I only have to take four more courses, leaving lots of free time to focus on my Honors Project.

Blazing a Trail

My primary area of interest, interracial relations, is a relatively new field in social psychology, so I have a unique potential opportunity to introduce something groundbreaking into my field of study with my Honors Project.

Exploring Hidden Talents

This semester, I'm taking voice lessons and scuba diving lessons. It's a great opportunity to experience new challenges, and I'm getting credit for it!


After I graduate, I'd like to go to medical school and eventually open my own medical practice using dance therapy to help kids with behavioral issues.

BFF (Sort Of)

Professor of Sociology James Spates is my favorite person on campus. He was my first-year seminar professor, and I've taken at least one course with him every semester since. He gives me C's, but I keep taking his classes because I learn so much from him.

Res Life

During my sophomore year, I lived in the Multicultural Sisterhood theme house, and it was hard! We were very different women from very different cultural backgrounds, and we all had different ideas about how we wanted to live and work. I learned so much from the experience.

Spreading Sunshine

I know it's a little silly, but I love working service jobs. I like having the opportunity to say, "hello, how are you?" to a student who looks worn out and tired. It helps make the day brighter.

Admissions Ambassador

I've been a host for prospective students during multicultural weekend for the past two years in a row. And both of them decided to come here! I guess I'm a pretty good host.



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