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Jamie Hutchins '08

Wildlife Enthusiast. International Health Care Provider. Genetic Scientist.

Major: Biology
Minor: Latin American Studies

Parasites in Ecuador

An internship stipend from Career Services allowed me to spend 3 weeks at a remote clinic in Ecuador, where I helped the doctors and nurses develop their parasiteology program. It worked out beautifully: I taught them about parasites, and they taught me about their state-of-the-art spectral analyzer.

Grape Genomics

I spent a summer helping a group of scientists discover a gene that makes grapes go dormant earlier in the season. With cross-pollination, they'll be able to breed a heartier grape and prevent frost damage that can ruin crops.

Rural Health Care

Through Career Services, I was able to intern with a clinic that serves local migrant workers. I worked in the clinic and also went on home visits with the doctors. It made me realize that I want to do something that makes a positive impact on the world.

Wildlife Enthuthiast

I am one of the founding members of the Wildlife Aesthetic Enthusiasts club. We take at-risk children from the local community on educational ecological tours of the area. There's so much beauty in the Finger Lakes, and it's great to help them reconnect with that.