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Environmentalist. Outdoorsman. Athlete. Leader.

Major: Environmental Studies
Minors: Biology

Charting a New Course

I came to HWS intending to study biology and go into medicine, but an environmental studies class, Topics in Energy, completely changed my focus. Through Environmental Studies, I can take a diverse array of classes outside of the sciences, like anthropology and history.

Shrinking Our Footprint for Credit

For my senior project in environmental studies, I'm converting a car from gas to electric power. I work on the car every day, and I am getting so much more out of it than I thought I would. When the car is done, it'll be used by the buildings and grounds department on campus. It's an amazing learning experience, but it's also a great step toward creating a more carbon neutral campus.

Community Ties

High school students from the local Wayne Technical Center are doing some body work and welding on the electric car—stuff I can't do myself. It's a big help to me and a great experience for the students. The Wayne County School District is dedicated to alternative energies, so it was a great fit.

Outdoors Man

I've grown to love kayaking, and there are some great places to kayak in upstate New York, like the St. Lawrence River. I camp right out on the edge of the water, so I can roll out of the tent and right into the water. When I came to HWS, no one was leading kayaking trips through the Outdoor Recreation Activities Program (ORAP), so I really built that program up. As president of ORAP, I'm trying to buy more kayaks so we can help more students experience kayaking.

Greek Life

The Kappa Alpha Literary Society is really different from many of the other Greek organizations on campus. Thursday nights, we have open forums and debates, and we do a lot of community service work. We also have our own residence hall, and I was lucky to live there during my junior year. There was such a sense of community in the house and really great bonding between the brothers.

(Part-Time) Athlete

I played sports all through high school, but playing on a team can be very time consuming. Intramural sports are a great opportunity to be an athlete without being on a team. There are a lot of sports to choose from, but I usually play softball, soccer and volleyball.



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