Hester’09, Band Perform in NYC

Posted on Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Brad Hester '09 and his band, "Annie in the Water," will perform at Sullivan Hall in New York City on Friday, Nov. 30. Hester and bandmate, Michael Lashomb, have performed as Annie in the Water for the past five years.

According to Hester, "The Annie in the Water style of music is an upbeat acoustic jamband style that transcends many different genres with lead guitar boasting a high-energy blues/bluegrass feel and with vocals featuring rich harmonies. We also incorporate harmonicas, looping, beat-boxing and hand-percussion, keeping shows interesting and diverse. A-Bay Circus called a live performance ‘Ear Candy.'"

Past shows include a performance at HWS that was broadcast in Geneva live on WEOS in 2008, and a recent show on campus. The group's first album "Destination" was released to iTunes in June 2011 and features percussion by Matthew Paul Davis, and a second CD is currently in the works.

Hester earned a B.A. in media and society from Hobart College; he minored in philosophy.




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