Lecture: Jordan Delong, "Attention and the Evolution of Hollywood Film"

Date : Wednesday, 28 November 2012
Time : 5:15 pm.
Location : Sanford Room
Category : On-Campus Events

On Wednesday, Nov. 28, Jordan Delong, of the Cornell University Department of Psychology, will deliver a talk on "Attention and the Evolution of Hollywood Film," at 5:15 p.m. in the Sanford Room.

The origin of the visual arts is steeped in mystery, but the emergence of cinema as a new art form has been well documented over its first century. Film didn't arrive fully formed and is still evolving in ways that interface more effectively with our visual system.

Studying the record of Hollywood Cinema shows that many features of film-making that have changed over time. Our research shows that shot lengths in film increasingly exhibit a 1/f pattern, a type of temporal structure found in many natural phenomena including human attention. By emulating this natural pattern of attention, filmmakers appear to be taking advantage of the ebb and flow our brains naturally emit. Laboratory experiments further explore the effects of presenting visual information in a 1/f temporal pattern

This talk is co-sponsored by the Department of Psychology, the Department of Media and Society and the Psychology Club.