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The law permeates our lives, shaping both our behavior and our sense of right and wrong, often in ways we are not aware. But as law has an impact on society, so, too, does society have an impact on law. Law has an internal logic, represented by the reasoning of judicial opinions, but it also has an external logic, as it is affected by social and historical forces. The purpose of the Law and Society program is to provide an opportunity for students to study the impact of law on society and of society on law. We have come to understand in recent decades how law is a truly interdisciplinary area of study. A number of disciplines have something to contribute to our understanding of law. The Law and Society program seeks to provide an avenue to an understanding of law in this broader sense. The Law and Society program offers an interdisciplinary minor; it does not offer a major.

interdisciplinary, 6 courses
Three core courses, at least one in each category, and three electives. Of the six courses in the minor, at least two must be from the social sciences, two must be from the humanities, and no more than three may be in any one department. Courses in either of the core categories may also be taken as electives. Three courses must be unique to the minor, and all courses must be completed with a C- or better. Courses taken for Credit/No Credit may not be counted toward the minor.

Political Perspective Core Courses
POL 207 Governing Through Crime
POL 264 Legal Theory
POL 296 International Law
POL 332 American Constitutional Law
POL 333 Civil Rights
POL 334 Civil Liberties
POL 335 Law and Society

Philosophical Perspectives Core Courses
PHIL 151 Crime and Punishment
PHIL 156 Biomedical Ethics
PHIL 158 Debating Public Policy
PHIL 236 Philosophy of Law
PHIL 256 Health Care Policy

Humanities Electives
HIST 215 American Urban History
HIST 233 History of American Thought to 1865
HIST 234 History of American Thought from 1865 to Present
HIST 243 US Legal and Constitutional History to 1865
HIST 244 US Legal and Constitutional History Since 1865
HIST 300 Race and Violence in American History
HIST 304 Early American Republic, 1789-1840
HIST 306 Civil War and Reconstruction, 1840-1877
HIST 311 20th Century America, 1917-1941
HIST 312 The U.S. Since 1939
HIST 348 Black Women in the Struggle for Rights in America
HIST 395 Ocean, Law, and Empire
PHIL 232 Liberty and Community
PHIL 234 Theories of Morality: Understanding Right and Wrong
WRRH 326 Legal Writing

Social Sciences Electives
ANTH 247 Urban Anthropology
ECON 198 Business Law
ECON 212 Environmental Economics
ECON 319 Forensic Economics
ENV 205 Intro to Environmental Law
ENV 320 Natural Resource Law
POL 215 Minority Group Politics
POL 229 State and Local Government
POL 325 American Presidency
POL 326 Urban Politics and Public Policy
POL 375 Feminist Legal Theory
PPOL 328 Environmental Policy
SOC 222 Social Change
SOC 228 Social Conflict
SOC 258 Social Problems
SOC 362 Criminology