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The Writing Colleagues Program combines two reciprocal experiences for non-majors and WRRH majors:

1) Practical experience supporting peers as a trained writing tutor working in a specific course context. Writing Colleagues work across the curriculum and in a host of disciplinary contexts, including FSEMs, introductory-level courses, and sometimes and with more experience in upper-division courses.

2) Intellectual and writerly experience as a student in the Writing Colleagues Seminar and as a member of the Writing Colleagues Program in course placements, in the social-academic community of the WC Program at HWS, and potentially as a Writing Fellow in the CTL after two field placements.

A student is nominated by a faculty member to the Writing Colleagues Program or they may self-nominate by contacting the Writing Colleagues Program Director or Coordinator. After application, interview, and acceptance, the student enrolls in the Writing Colleagues Seminar course (WRRH 335). After the seminar course, the student is qualified to work with a professor and students in a field placement in a course. During the placement, the Writing Colleague receives course credit for WRRH 490, attends class meetings, completes readings (but not major assignments/exams), and they conduct meetings with students outside of class time. Completion of the Writing Colleagues Program is valuable way to highlight writing strengths in a student's coursework and through collaborating with faculty and students in the writing process. The Writing Colleagues Program offers both a disciplinary and an interdisciplinary minor. Students who major in Writing and Rhetoric and minor in the Writing Colleagues Program must have a second minor.

disciplinary 6 courses

WRRH 335 Writing Colleagues seminar; two field placements, one of which may be in a first-year seminar; three courses from approved Writing and Rhetoric electives.