2010 Reunion Volunteer Toolbox

Reunion is a time for reconnecting, and volunteers have the advantage of not only joining in that reconnection, but actually planning and implementing the activities that will keep the spirit of HWS alive for so many.

The goal of the Reunion Volunteer Toolbox is to provide you with the information you need to make your experience as a Reunion volunteer a great one. Please visit this page often, as we keep it updated with the most current Reunion information.

Reunion Committee Objectives

The goal of Reunion at HWS is to reconnect alumni and alumnae to the Colleges, as well as reconnect alumni and alumnae with each other. The Reunion Committee plays a very important role in this.

Below are three keys to reconnection. The challenge for the Reunion Committee is to achieve all three of the following objectives with every classmate. If the Reunion Committee can accomplish this goal your class will have a tremendous reunion in June.

  1. Personally invite classmates to campus and pass on the details of Reunion Weekend a large number of alumni and alumnae from your class attend.
  2. Ask all classmates for a gift in honor of their reunion. Even if classmates can't attend, this is a great way for them to reconnect and to show their support of the Colleges.
  3. Confirm or correct contact information to make sure HWS can send your classmates their reunion information. It would be particularly helpful to secure the e-mail addresses of your classmates.

Reunion Committee Job Description

The role of a Reunion Committee Member is best filled by a person of vision committed to making a difference at Hobart and William Smith through your leadership by:

  • Attending Reunion Weekend 2010, June 4-6

  • Making a special gift to The Annual Fund in honor of your Reunion. Leadership by example is a crucial component of a successful Reunion Committee.

  • Participating in conference calls throughout the months leading up to Reunion Weekend 2010. Maintaining ongoing communication with staff members from Alumni House to review class progress and refine and personalize communications designed to encourage a large turnout at Reunion Weekend and ongoing philanthropic support of the Colleges.

  • Calling selected classmates encourage attendance at Reunion 2010, ask for support of the Classes gift, confirm contact information, and help find "lost" classmates.

Support for this position will be provided by Alumni House staff members, who will provide all materials and mechanisms needed to ensure a successful Reunion for your Classes.



Reunion Weekend is June 4-6, 2010!

For more information about how you can help, contact Skylar Beaver at beaver@hws.edu or (315) 781-4068 OR Jared Weeden at weeden@hws.edu or (315) 781-3782.


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