Class Correspondents
Alumni and alumnae serve the important roles of class correspondents and regional club volunteers to ensure that the friendships and memories made at Hobart and William Smith Colleges remain alive.

Hobart Alumni Association and William Smith Alumnae Association
By representing the Colleges' 18,000 alumni and alumnae to the Colleges' administration, the Associations keep the voice of alumni and alumnae alive and involved in the future of HWS. Serving on special committees allows alumni and alumnae to use their special skills to advance the Colleges.

Admissions Volunteer Network (AVN)
Help recruit the next generation of outstanding students to Hobart and William Smith! AVN members are an integral part of the Colleges' student recruitment team. By volunteering for college fairs, hometown interviews and student outreach in your geographic area, you assist the Admissions Office with its efforts to attract the best students to HWS.

Career Services Volunteers
Parents, alumni, alumnae and others participate in panels and events sponsored by the Office of Career Services. They may share their experiences in the "real world" and career options. Volunteers take calls and e-mails from students asking about careers, geographic settings, graduate programs and more. Probably their most important contribution is to help place students in internships.

GOLD Volunteers
GOLD = Graduates of the Last Decade. GOLD is Hobart and William Smith’s young alum volunteer group. Young alums represent close to 25% of the colleges alumni/ae base. We want you to have a voice, be engaged, stay involved and give back.

Interested in becoming a GOLD volunteer? Call (315) 781-3700.

Class Agents
Make your gift to the Colleges; then ask your classmates, former teammates, friends and roommates to do the same! As a class you will be contacting classmates to encourage their support of the Annual Fund and sign solicitation letters to your classmates.

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Reunion Contacts

  • Kathy Regan: E-Mail; Phone: (315) 781-3532
  • Jared Weeden: E-Mail; Phone: (315) 781-3782

Alumni/ae Relations Contacts

  • Kathy Regan: E-Mail; Phone: (315) 781-3532
  • Jared Weeden: E-Mail; Phone: (315) 781-3782

The Annual Fund Contact

  • Ruth Benedict: E-Mail; Phone: (315) 781-3779

GOLD Volunteers Contact

  • Phone: (315) 781-3700

Stewardson Society Contact

  • Phone: (315) 781-3700



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