Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join?
The Colleges need you! Most of the programs currently on campus are here because of the gifts provided by alumni, alumnae and parents. Help the future classes receive the same opportunities you have been given by giving to Hobart and William Smith and joining the Stewardson Society. Join your classes legacy and leave a positive impact by supporting the future of the Colleges. The current class participation record is 79% set by the Classes of 2012. Does your class have what it takes to dethrone 2012?

How much is it?
To become an official member of the Stewardson Society you need to make a minimum gift of $20.18. To become a member of the Stewardson leadership level, the Emerson Society, a $50 gift or more is required.

What is the Emerson Society? Why should I join?
The Emerson Society is the leadership level of the Stewardson Society. Emerson members show the highest commitment to leaving their classes legacy at HWS. Members of this society will be granted access to events specific to Emerson Society members.

Where does my money go?
You decide! You can select the department, activity, program…support any area that you are most passion about.

Unsure of where to give? Support the Annual Fund. Gifts made to the Annual Fund have the most immediate impact on students. Annual gifts are directed to the areas of greatest opportunity.

What do I get by giving?
You get to know you were a contributing factor in the development of Hobart and William Smith Colleges! For those of you who are not sold on that, we do have events that are for Stewardson members only. While these events are great opportunities to socialize with our classmates, we want YOU to give because YOU want to! Such events vary from off campus events at local restaurants/bars to networking receptions with the Board of Trustees. Stay tuned!

How can I make my gift? You have options...

  • Visit the Scandling Center during tabling events. Members of the Stewardson Committee will be on hand and to collect gifts and answer any questions you may have.
  • Fill out a payroll deduction form if you work on campus. Email to have the form sent to you.
  • Make your gift at a Stewardson event.
  • Walk down to the Office of Advancement at 20 Seneca Street.
  • Make your gift online.
  • Mail check (payable to Hobart and William Smith Colleges) or cash to the Office of Advancement at 20 Seneca Street through intercampus mail.


Michael DeRosa '16
Assistant Director of Annual Giving, Young Alums and Undergraduates
Phone: (315) 781-3775

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