Classes of 2015 Stewardson Committee

Sarah Feldman, Chair
Sarah Feldman grew up in the beautiful, historic town of Sudbury, Massachusetts. She is a Public Policy major with a double minor in Writing Colleagues and Dance. She is a proud member of the Coalition of Concerned Students and the Health Promotions Committee, among other activities. Sarah has often gotten in trouble at home for bragging too much about her school. She is thrilled to be back on campus at a job that allows her to brag as much as she wants.

Aloysius W. Kolubah, Chair
Aloysius W. Kolubah is a fabulous 21 year old with a larger than life personality and a lover of all things fashion & Beyoncé. Aloysius was born in Monrovia, Liberia and raised in Orange, NJ. He graduated from Orange High School and is currently a Media & Society major with a double minor in International Relations and Dance. On campus, he is a very active member of the HWS community; previously serving as a Voting member of the Budget Allocation committee , Vice President of the Caribbean Student Association, and student performer/choreographer for Koshare. During his “free” time, he likes to shop, spend quality time with friends and family- preferably doing things that consist of food and eating (major Foodie), and pursuing a career in fashion. Aloysius also runs a blog that provides an unfiltered glimpse into his life and personal/fashion advice that will hopefully empower everyone to step their cookies up.

Chris Troy, Chair
Chris Troy is a sporty young man from Ithaca, New York who found his way to Hobart and William Smith Colleges after graduating from The Hill School in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. He is a Chemistry and Spanish double major with an interest in medicine. He is involved around campus as a Teaching Fellow, the president of Theta Delta Chi, intramural all-star and club hockey prodigy. He stays scheming and looks forward to accomplishing great things this year as a Statesman and as a member of the Stewardson Society.

Chair, Sarah Feldman
Chair, Aloysius Kolubah
Chair, Chris Troy
Vice Chair, Katie Drinkwater
Vice Chair, Lauren Karam
Vice Chair, Troy Neureter
Secretary, Elizabeth Dengal
Publicity Coordinator, Emma Barnes
Publicity Coordinator, Carter Brown
Publicity Coordinator, Kathleen Kennedy
Athletic Liaison, Alex Covert (WS club)
Athletic Liaison, Zach Day (H club)
Athletic Liaison, Cat Gorman (WS varsity)
Athletic Liaison, Taylor Vanderbeek (H varsity)
Fraternity Liaison, Paul Ciaccia
Fraternity Liaison, Drew Kellogg
Fraternity Liaison, Trent Perrine
Intercultural Liaison, Aislinn Raftis

General Committee Members:
Tamilore O. Areola
Georgia E. Baker
Hayley J. Braun
Michaela R. Criniti
Jeanine M. Cryan
Mark C. Greer
Nicholas M. Hindle
Rachel E. Hughes
Bridget E. Logan
Sharafudin Mirzayee
Subin K. Nepal
Alysa B. Sadkin
Katherine A. Sipple
Megan E. Soule

Giving History

The Colleges' senior class giving initiative began in the late 1980s and was formally named The Stewardson Society during the 2006-2007 academic year. The classes of 2012 hold the record for participation with 78.5%.

FY06 Senior Gift
Total Dollars: $3,721
Participation %: 40.6%

FY07 The Stewardson Society
Total Dollars: $5, 571
Participation %: 51.5%

FY08 The Stewardson Society
Total Dollars: $4,500
Participation %: 52.7%

FY09 The Stewardson Society
Total Dollars: $7,014
Participation %: 55.9%

FY10 The Stewardson Society
Total Dollars: $8,293
Participation %: 69.5%

FY11 The Stewardson Society
Total Dollars: $11,717
Participation %: 73.9%

FY12 The Stewardson Society
Total Dollars: $10,510
Participation %: 78.5%

FY13 The Stewardson Society
Total Dollars: $9,565
Participation %: 75.0%

FY14 The Stewardson Society
Total Dollars: $10,486.41
Participation %: 73.5%


Tempe Newson '11
Assistant Director of the Annual Fund
Phone: (315) 781-3775
E-mail: newson@hws.edu


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