Graduate Attendee Program

When does learning end? At Hobart and William Smith Colleges, the answer is simple: Never.

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That's why HWS has created the Graduate Attendee Program-an extraordinary opportunity for graduates to return during any term of the regular academic year to take courses at no charge.

You can explore a new subject area or return to a topic studied as a minor during your undergraduate years. You may, for example, want to expand your knowledge of computer science or study Japanese or Chinese. Or you can return to campus to strengthen your application to graduate school. And if you're considering a career change, the program provides an excellent way for you to prepare now for your future-just as you did when you first came to the Colleges.

But the Graduate Attendee Program is more than tuition-free "access" to the liberal arts over the course of a lifetime. This exceptional program represents a pledge from Hobart and William Smith to their students, past and present. That pledge is to assist you in the pursuit of intellectual and cultural learning free from the boundaries of age, money or time. Hobart and William Smith invite you to participate in that open-ended prospect for learning-because a true liberal arts education is not just a four-year experience.

Who is eligible?

The Graduate Attendee Program is open to all Hobart and William Smith graduates who are five or more years beyond graduation.

How does the program work?

Classes are open on a space-available basis, after current students have selected their classes and with the permission of the instructor.

There are a few exceptions: The Teacher Certification Program is not open to graduate attendees, nor are first-year seminars and bi-disciplinary courses within the general education program. Also not available: applied music courses, self-instructional language programs, and off-campus programs. You may take as many as two courses per term, for credit or not, but you are responsible for all course requirements and will be graded, like all other students. An official transcript will be maintained. You are responsible for costs associated with books, computing resources, language lab and the Sports and Recreation Center.

The Colleges' health and counseling services, however, are not available. A full range of these services is available in the community.

Reminder: registration is on a space-available basis, after undergraduates have registered.

Here to help

William Smith alumnae:
Gretchen DeWall
(315) 781-3467

Hobart alumni:
Jacki Baroody
(315) 781-4683


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