Richard L. Wasserman ’70

Southwest Trustee

President, DallasAllergyImmunology
Dallas, Texas

Student Court
Student Representative, Academic Affairs Committee
Editor-in-Chief, The Herald
Photo Editor, Echo and Pine

Major: Chemistry

Why did you choose Hobart and William Smith Colleges? I wanted a coed school that was in New York State, not too close or too far from my home on Long Island. I applied Early Decision.

How do you stay connected to the Colleges? I visit four times a year.

What makes the Colleges special? The accessibility of the faculty and the close relationships between students and faculty.

Why do you give back to HWS? I value the experience I had there and want it to be available to future generations.

What are your goals as a Regional Network volunteer? Re-engage regional alums and identify prospective students.

What advice would you give to an incoming or current HWS student? Take a course outside your comfort zone and explore an area of knowledge that is completely new to you.


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