Tom and Erin Roth P'10

Upstate New York Parent Coordinators

Rochester, N.Y.

Child’s Name and Class year: Kaitlin '10

Why did your child choose Hobart and William Smith Colleges? Kate chose HWS because of the liberal arts education and the opportunities a broad based education would afford her.  This has certainly come to fruition. Kate graduated with a double major in Religious Studies and International Relations; she is now finishing up her MBA at the Simon School, University of Rochester

Why do you choose to volunteer for the Colleges? It is easy to want to help the Colleges because they gave our family so much with Kate’s education.

What makes the Colleges special? It sounds a bit “over used” but The Colleges …that is all the people there truly care about the students, from President Gearan to the professors to the administrative staff.  Imagine the delight when I called the Parent Coordinator about a meal plan and she put me in touch with Ann Brink and she was all too happy to help.  Who would have thought that something as simple as a phone call can make your day? That is what it has been like for the 4 years and beyond for our family.

Why do you give to HWS? I give for all the reasons listed above.

What are your goals as a Regional Parent Coordinator? To be that voice to help families work through the difficult decision of selecting the right spot for their child.

What advice would you give to the parents of a prospective or incoming HWS student? I would look around at a variety of colleges; take the tour; ask about the opportunities and during that tour and time simply say hello to the professors and staff and see how friendly they are.  I would bet HWS would be right on top.


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