Dr. David Remedios '77

Alexandria, La.

Vascular Surgeon; Pastor, Trinity Christian Center

The common thread in Dr. David Remedios' '77 life is a drive to serve humanity. And the long road to his practice as a vascular surgeon in Alexandria, La., has taught him what it takes.

Born in Cuba, Remedios grew up in New York City, living on the streets as a teen. "I ran away from an abusive home at 15," Remedios explains. "Different people took me in which allowed me to finish high school." Through scholarships and the guidance of teachers, he made it to HWS as a pre-med biology major. "I studied like crazy," he says. "I was determined to succeed and help my family."

After HWS, Remedios earned his M.D. from New York University Medical School. It was there where he found his passion for surgery. "Surgery allows you to make very tangible and dramatic changes in peoples' lives."

After a residency at Methodist Hospital in Houston, his career took a detour. In 1988, Remedios, now married and starting a family with wife, Yvonne, joined the U. S.Air Force. "I am so grateful for this nation," he explains. "I wanted to pay back a debt of gratitude."

Remedios entered the Air Force as a surgeon and was stationed in Alexandria, La., at the England Air Force Base. During the Gulf War, he served on an air transportable hospital for the 23rd Tactical Air Command in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. There, he helped organize multinational medical efforts to prepare for casualties. His service earned him a Bronze Star.

His military service complete, Remedios returned to Louisiana. "I had been through a Scud attack," he says. "That experience made me realize how much I wanted to try something different. I thought, 'You know what, in a smaller town like Alexandria, I can establish a practice and see my kids.'"

He had two children at the time. Today, he has five.

Along the way, Remedios' faith has remained an important anchor in his life. For the past 12 years, he has served as senior pastor at Trinity Christian Center in Forest Hill. He puts his faith into action around the world, too, through a non-profit he created, Christ's Compassion Ministry. Remedios travels to places like Argentina, Colombia, Haiti, and Eastern Europe where he investigates the medical needs and helps provide supplies and medicines.

Each role Remedios has undertaken has allowed him to serve others - surgeon, member of the Air Force, pastor, philanthropist. And soon, Remedios will be able to add professor to his growing list of career titles. Nearby Louisiana College is opening a medical school, where Remedios will join the faculty. "It was my dream to be a medical school professor," he says. "It looks like it's going to come to pass very soon."


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