Brian Jay Parks '00

West Mountain Development Coordinator

Associate Vice President, NSU Hospitality
Englewood, Colo.

Hobart Student Government (Secretary, Vice President, President)
Orange Key Society
Sigma Chi Fraternity
Hobart Rowing Team

Major/minor: Media & Society/Sociology

Why did you choose Hobart and William Smith Colleges? I chose Hobart because of the small class sizes and the campus feeling. I toured the campus in February after a snow storm, and I just felt at home while walking around.

How do you stay connected to the Colleges? I have been a part of fundraising committees since graduating and I have hosted and attended alumni and alumnae functions in New York and Colorado.

What makes the Colleges special? The Colleges are special because they help you grow as a person. The Colleges helped me to learn independence, responsibility, and leadership. The professors are always approachable when in need or just for a good conversation. The community and culture on campus is inclusive and diverse.

Why do you give back to HWS? I give back to HWS because it is a part of my history, and I want to give back to the place that helped shape who I am today. I also give back because I want to make sure HWS can be the best far into the future.

What are your goals as a Regional Network volunteer?  I want to help bring positive attention to the Colleges and I want to bring alumni together to share their experiences and help raise money. I also want to be available to future students and alumni in any way that I’m able.

What advice would you give to an incoming or current HWS student? Take a deep breath and enjoy your time in college. There will never be a time like this in your life again. Don’t take yourself too seriously and try new things. Meet new people and find your meant direction in life. Also, don’t be afraid to fail. Within failure you may just find something.


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