Ryan Mullaney '16

Niskayuna, N.Y.

High School: Niskayuna High School

President, Coalition for Educational Equity
President, Pasta Night
President, Human Rights Collective
President, Social Dance Club
Vice President, Second Chances Prison Initiative
PR Director, Americans for Informed Democracy
Campus Peer Ministers
Sustainable Food Club

Majors: Sociology and Public Policy

"Likely many, I was initially drawn to Hobart and William Smith because of its physical beauty. Soon after my acceptance, however, I developed more meaningful connections to the Colleges. I felt that the size of the school, as well as its commitment to a true liberal arts education, afforded me great opportunity. I knew I would be able to pursue a wide variety of interests while simultaneously forming critical relationships with peers, professors, and other mentors. I trusted that I would not have to compromise important elements of my identity in pursuit of academic success. Thankfully, these intuitions turned out to be true; in the short amount of time I have been here, I have been granted immense opportunity and support in pursuit of all my ambitions. This is how I know HWS was the right choice."


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