Karin Richards Moore ’89

Mid-Atlantic William Smith Regional Vice President

VP & General Counsel, Grocery Manufacturers Association

Washington, DC

Student Worker, SAGA
Resident Advisor, Blackwell House
Little Theater

Major/Minors: Economics/English and History

Why did you choose Hobart and William Smith Colleges? The Quad made a lasting impression on me during a prospect visit.

How do you stay connected to the Colleges? I stay connected by mentoring current students and alums, keeping in touch with my favorite professors, attending Regional Club events and reunions, and checking out TWIP when I can!

What makes the Colleges special? The people. The campus. The lake. The alums.

Why do you give back to HWS? I give back for the same things I listed above: The people and the campus. HWS will always be a magnificent part of my life and giving back of my time and money is my way of giving the same wonderful opportunity to someone else who might also be a scholarship recipient.

What are your goals as a Regional Network volunteer? To get alums more involved, and to get them to share their love of the Colleges with prospective, current and past students.

What advice would you give to an incoming or current HWS student? Don't sweat the small stuff, and take your time making big life decisions.


Madeline Rowe Buckley '15

Virginia Arundel
DeWees '16


Scott Keogh '91

Gail H. McGinn '73


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