Hans Kaiser ’80

Mid-Atlantic Development Coordinator

Senior Vice President, Campaign & Public Affairs, Moore Information, Inc.

Annapolis, MD

Kappa Sigma Fraternity
Hobart Lacrosse Team

Major: English

Why did you choose Hobart and William Smith Colleges? I chose HWS because they accepted me.

How do you stay connected to the Colleges? Both my children applied there, I visit for games and alumni events, help with fundraising, and play lacrosse for the Elder Statesmen, an alumni team.

What makes the Colleges special? I met my wife there, as well as lifelong friends with whom I am still very close.

Why do you give back to HWS? I give back because I realize now what a tremendous institution it is and regret not taking full advantage of the opportunities it afforded me while I was there.

What are your goals as a Regional Network volunteer? My goals are to help the school build a bigger network of loyal alums who not only donate money, but also share the Hobart and William Smith story with prospective students and their parents.

What advice would you give to an incoming or current HWS student?  Take full advantage of all the resources the Colleges have to offer. Four years go fast.  Don't walk down the aisle at graduation full of regret.


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