Kathie and Phil Harrington P'10

West Mountain Parent Coordinators

Jackson, Wyo.

Why did your child choose Hobart and William Smith Colleges? Our daughter, Kate, choose HWS because she wanted to pursue her passion for lacrosse with a high quality liberal arts education and a focus on community, both local and globally.

Why do you choose to volunteer for the Colleges? We choose to volunteer for the Colleges because we believe it is worthy of our support, not only financially, but also by helping to spread the word about this incredible school to future students and their parents -- we want to be a part of what makes HWS so special!

What makes the Colleges special? What makes HWS special is the unique ability for the Colleges and the entire community (administration, faculty, staff, and alumni) to truly touch the minds and hearts of students and parents. It is this unwavering commitment by the Colleges that inspires personal growth and development in students and a desire by parents to be a part of this transformation of our children into future leaders.

Why do you give to HWS? We believe the Colleges' strong student-focused liberal arts education truly prepares graduates for a lifetime of leadership and growth.  As parents of a graduate, we are committed to help ensure this strong legacy continues for future generations. 

What are your goals as a Regional Parent Coordinators? Our goals as Regional Parent Coordinators are to serve as a bridge between the parent-student communities, both current and prospective, and the Colleges.

What advice would you give to the parents of a prospective or incoming HWS student? Our advice to parents of prospective and incoming HWS students is to learn with your child about all of the incredible HWS opportunities and advantages by speaking to current parents, parents of graduates, current students and alums.


Preparing Students to Lead Lives of Consequence.