Gabrielle Hafalia '16

Glendale, Ariz.

High School: Mountain Ridge High School

William Smith Rugby
Community Service

Major: International Relations

“I chose HWS on a last minute, gut feeling. I had visited Lehigh University the day prior and felt confident that I would spend the next four years in Bethlehem, Pa. But my mom suggested that even though I was set on Lehigh, we take a final trip to Geneva to see HWS. There was a different vibe I received from HWS that I wasn't getting anywhere else. I felt comfortable in the small community, and I felt like I would grow into a better person if I decided to attend this institution. Low and behold, here I am in my second year, not only feeling confident about my academics, but feeling positive and happy in my ability to think critically about myself, my personal relationships, and the world around me.”


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