Bill and Shelley Bisesto P'14

West Coast Parent Coordinators

Child's Name and class year: Joe '14
San Francisco, Calif.

Why did your child choose Hobart and William Smith Colleges? Joe has always been adventurous, loving travel and anxious to see and experience different people and places. He was born and raised in San Francisco so a small college in a small town in upstate New York seemed like a great place to have that experience. But it wasn’t like Hobart was completely new to us—Bill's sister attended William Smith a few years ago so we did know about it. Every time we'd go over the criteria for the ideal college for Joe, Hobart would bubble up. Not even a visit in a February snowstorm could dampen on our enthusiasm.

Why do you choose to volunteer for the Colleges? Being so far away and not really knowing anyone at the school, it seemed like the best way to meet and get to know other parents, school officials, and faculty. It is an opportunity to help promote this wonderful place and open the experience to people who may have never heard of it.

What makes the Colleges special? The faculty. Everyone is willing to help. There's a genuine interest in each student's success. Many go above and beyond what's expected. That’s rare. Also the alumni network is strong—and all are willing to help students succeed.

Why do you give to HWS? This school has had a positive impact on our son's life. It has opened his eyes and provided him with opportunities to discover and nurture who he is. We appreciate that and want to make sure others have the same opportunity.

What are your goals as a Regional Parent Coordinator? Our main goal is to spread the word about, and to help promote this wonderful place. We want to be available to answer the questions particular to families traveling great distances to the Colleges, and also hope to be able to connect families in this region with each other. We hope to aid in the continued growth of the alumni network in this area, which is so vital in the 21st century.

What advice would you give to the parents of a prospective or incoming HWS student? If you're a prospective parent, we recommend that you talk to people. Ask a lot of questions. And don't be afraid to ask the tough ones. If you’re an incoming HWS student, we'd say to please make sure that you participate. There is a lot going on at the school—there are a lot of opportunities to get involved, to learn something new, and meet new people. Make sure you take advantage of all the school has to offer. Four years goes by quickly.


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