PSS Winter '13


More than a Game

by Joshua Brown

Tyler Hill ’10

FIRST JOB: Construction Worker on his Reservation

CURRENT JOB: Actor and Professional Lacrosse Player, Onondaga Red Hawks

“It was awesome being in a movie,” says Tyler Hill ’10, star of “Crooked Arrows.” “Especially this movie.”

“Crooked Arrows,” directed by Steve Rash, features Hill as the captain of a fictional lacrosse team whose players rediscover their passion for lacrosse when they embrace the sport’s Native American roots. The movie posits that when played correctly, lacrosse is more than a game.

“I have all these kids looking up to me, so for me it has always been more than just a game,” says Hill, who is now in his third year with the Onondaga Red Hawks Box Lacrosse team. “I want lacrosse to open doors for them like it has for me.”

Hill, an Onondaga native and member of the Mohawk Nation, feels that, in many ways, lacrosse shapes who you are as a person. “One of the key things about lacrosse is that you have to have a solid mindset,” says Hill. “Lacrosse helps you understand so many things and has personally helped improve many of my skills off the field.”

Hill began his college career at Le Moyne College, fresh off an undefeated championship season as a member of the LaFayette Lancers, his high school team. “I just carried on that undefeated mentality from there,” says Hill. “After that championship season I knew what it took to win.”

At Le Moyne, he secured a national championship as a member of the 2006 Dolphins team and went on to play for Hobart alum Coach Chuck Wilbur '00 as a member of the Lazers at Onondaga Community College. Hill kept that undefeated theme alive with the Lazers, plowing through the 2007 season unbeaten and claiming his second national championship in as many years.

“It was good to be a part of the growth of the lacrosse program at Hobart,” says Hill, who witnessed the expansion of the program as a member of the team in 2008 and 2009. “When I first got to HWS, we didn’t have much in the way of facilities. Soon after, we got a new field and a new locker room, and we became even more competitive on the field.”

Given Hill’s passion for the game, it came as no surprise that, when offered the opportunity to star in “Crooked Arrows,” he made the most of it. “We need to continue to spread the game of lacrosse so it can be on the same level as other major professional sports,” Hill explains. “To see lacrosse get to that level is a main goal of mine.”


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