PSS Winter '13


Job One

The meaning and relevance of a first job is, like beauty, in the eye of the beholder. For someone who has just landed his or her first job, it is a critical moment that means a paycheck, a little independence and maybe – just maybe – the launch of a lifelong career. For someone considering a first job retrospectively, however, its significance can range from the source of several good laughs to the precious cornerstone of a future. Ultimately, how significant any first job will turn out to be is truly a matter of “wait and see.”

For Heather Crosby Mnuchin ’89, a first job spent working for an iconic publicist with a penchant for yelling provided her the perspective and experience necessary to become a – much quieter and more friendly – senior vice president of corporate communications. Dr. Bill Truswell ’68, P’01 has performed more than 25,000 surgeries as a facial plastic surgeon. While the first job he held as an ice cream man driving a truck from neighborhood to neighborhood would not seem important in the scope of his prestigious career and generous humanitarian efforts, he has a surprising take on how much those summers influenced his relationships with patients.

Like Mnuchin and Truswell, the individuals featured on the following pages all created fulfilling and accomplished careers for themselves. How each got there is distinctly different – as is the role the first job might have played in the lives of consequence they now lead.


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