PSS Winter '13


Developing a Personal Brand

by Andrew Wickenden ’09

Kimberly Moore ’00

FIRST JOB: Public Affairs/ Development Assistant, Committee for Economic Development

CURRENT JOB: Co-Founder, Bold Beauties

A few years after graduating from William Smith, Kimberly Moore ’00 took a job as a social worker at Family Support Systems Unlimited, a foster care agency in the Bronx, where she managed a caseload of 25 adults and children. Moore served as a coordinator, making sure families and children received services, which often meant going to court to hear cases, working with parents to help them navigate the foster care system, parlaying with the administration for Children’s Services, and as she says, “lots and lots of paperwork.”

“I was overworked, underpaid, and dealing with people who ran the gamut of emotions,” Moore says. “It was difficult and emotionally draining, but I wouldn’t change it. Even though the job had its downsides, I realized that I was working toward reuniting families. It helped me hone my communication skills, listen to people, be accountable for my actions, and ultimately grow.”

Her career has continued in this spirit of service; she has since worked for and volunteered with organizations that focus on education, women’s issues and empowerment, helping women transition back into the workforce through institutions like Dress for Success, New York Cares, and Planned Parenthood. “During this time, I met many women who weren’t confident, didn’t know what they wanted to do with their lives, and basically had no plan in place to help them figure it out,” she explains.

When she was working as a fundraiser for EngenderHealth, a global sexual and reproductive health organization, Moore met her future business partner, Melissa A. Browne. At EngenderHealth, they discussed partnering in a business venture but it wasn’t until Moore left the company—“I wanted to do something that was more grassroots, where I could see the tangible reward of all my hard work and effort,” Moore says—that Bold Beauties began to take shape.

That’s when Moore came across a study sponsored by Dove called, “The Real Truth About Beauty: Revisited.” The study concluded that there is “a universal increase in beauty pressure and a decrease in confidence.” That prompted Moore and Browne to develop a business with a focus on women’s self-esteem and success.

“Melissa is the person that her family, friends, and our colleagues turned to for image and style advice and I’m the person that my family, friends and colleagues turned to for love, work, and personal advice,” Moore says. “More importantly, we have a shared value of giving back.”

In 2011, they launched Bold Beauties, a full service image branding company. By fusing coaching and styling, Bold Beauties enables every woman to be her most authentic self in every facet of her life.

“From our work in the non-profit sector, we knew about the issues that women face,” says Moore. “Women wear numerous hats and are pressured to be everything to everyone, which is impossible, and women suffer in trying to attain these unrealistic expectations. We believe that reversing these negative trends will not happen until there is a concentrated effort to focus on these kinds of issues.”

In addition to customized services, Bold Beauties provides packages that include branding, styling, wardrobe organization and life planning services. Bold Beauties Signature Package targets “women who are looking to get out of a rut or rediscover themselves.” The three-month process includes a customized assessment of the client’s needs and a four-step process that involves a hair and beauty makeover, an image overhaul and coaching sessions. “Our goal is to help women connect all the dots and make their lives easier,” Moore says.

“And confidence is at the heart of connecting those dots,” she continues. “Sometimes that’s getting someone interested in change by helping them see the change first. Sometimes it’s helping someone think of things in a different way. Something people don’t realize about image branding is that everyone has a brand. We help women put plans together to make their brand work in all aspects of their lives.”


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